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There’s a saying that goes, “the man on top of the mountain did not fall there” I don’t know whoever wrote it but that man knew something about hard work. The man you see on top of the mountain worked hard to get to climb the mountain.

In life I’ve learnt one very important thing, hard work pays. In this post I’ll give examples of actual people I have come across in life, some I would know personally and some I don’t but they all have that thing in common.

So I have noticed there are 4 kinds of people, the wise, the hard-working, the talented and the lazy. In this week’s post I’ll discuss just 2 of those 4. If you wonder which one you are you may try and categorize yourself as you read this. 

The lazy man

The lazy man is that one you always find complaining, always wants things to be done for them and resting is one of his main priority in life. Yes people are born in poor homes, yes people grow up suffering, yes people don’t get equal opportunities in starting off their lives but the lazy man is the one who rides o;  that, doesn’t do anything about it. 

I’ll give illustrations of the lazy man, in a school or class setting, when there’s a topic you have been given in the exam room and almost everyone gets average marks because you didn’t understand it in class, the lazy man is ready to complain, is ready to tear the teacher or lecturer apart because he gave them something they didn’t learn, but how does that help him? In no way, so all the lazy man does will be complain about that teacher and when the topic comes again in the final exam guess what happens, the lazy man fails it again, surprise surprise.We ought not to be the lazy man.

Giving another illustration of the lazy man, we are not all talented equally and we don’t all have smart minds that catch concepts easily, we weren’t all always given an opportunity to be in class or to go to school but the lazy man will wait for life to happen that way because, in their minds, that’s how it is given to them, no try and do something about your situation and don’t be like the lazy man.

The natural or the talented man

This is one man I am in my own aspect and regard but as we all know, we all have a talent given to us by the almighty but sheer practice almost always beats raw talent. 

It’s never too late to change where you stand right now, academia may not be your forte, focus on yours, play the soccer even more, practice more, play that musical instrument even more, train that vocal cord even more, study the art of coaching, lift those weights, practice those hooks and uppercuts if boxing is what you love but don’t just wait for things to happen, just start doing today.

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